Twitter is making it easier for it users to ignore trolls and reduce disturbing notifications. The micro-blogging site has rolled out a new update for their users. This is a kind of update that let you mute notifications from people who don’t follow you. That is, you won’t be notified about every activity from those that are not under the list of your twitter followers. The advanced filters give you more control over your notifications.

witter now let you mute notifications from Noise Makers that don’t follow you

In order to set filters on the web browser version of Twitter, all you need to do is tap on Notifications, click on Settings, and check the boxes of your preferred filters. Twitter’s Android and the iOS app will have these advanced filters on the Notifications timeline under the gear icon.

The new “quality filters” include:

  • Accounts that are new (that you don’t follow).
  • Accounts that don’t follow you (that you don’t follow).
  • Accounts you don’t follow.
  • Accounts with a default profile photo (that you don’t follow).
  • Accounts without a confirmed email address (that you don’t follow).
  • Accounts without a confirmed phone number (that you don’t follow).

Earlier in March, Twitter launched new safety tools that allowed you to filter abusive accounts and mute keywords. The micro-blogging site also added a filter to direct messages that let users review them if they are from people they don’t know.

What is your take on this new update from Twitter?


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