The newly made Nigerian cable Tv, Tstv decoder, which was officially launched on the 1st of October, 2017 has been in the news since the day it was launched due to its wonderful features and subscription price compared to the likes of Dstv, Startimes, and any other cable Tv established before them.
The Pay-as-you-watch cable tv(meaning you can pause your tstv subscription anytime) has been a threat to other cable tv since the launch date due to its amazing features like wifi internet access with 4.5G network speed, free 20GB worth of data for video calling and showing all EPL (English Premier League) matches, Champions League, Serie A, Bundesliga, at a very affordable subscription fee.

Tstv Decoder in Nigeria: Advantages and Disadvantages
Tstv Decoder

Tstv Decoder in Nigeria: Advantages of Buying a Tstv Decoder

  • It is Cost Effective

The cost of acquiring a new tstv decoder and subscribing to tstv channels is very affordable compared to that of Dstv, Startimes and the likes. Many Nigerians see this as a good news because they can now enjoy all the offers they get from Dstv on Ts tv cable as well even at a cheaper subscription rate. All you need to do is walk to the nearest Tstv office and buy one.

  • Tstv Decoder is an Indigenous Invention

Tstv decoder is a made in Nigeria product. This is an advantage to Nigeria and it citizens as it will encourage other local inventions that will better the lives of Nigerians that save us from foreign companies extorting us under the disguise of providing a quality service for us.

  • It has Wifi Internet Access

One of the main benefits of buying a Tstv decoder in Nigeria is the ability to connect to your Tstv decoder through hotspot to access the internet. The tstv internet offer comes in two ways, a particular decoder will support 4.5G network while the other will support 3G network. So, there will be variation in price at this angle.

  • Live EPL and La Liga Matches

I can boldly say this is the main benefit of Tstv decoder for Nigerians especially the football lovers. With your ts tv decoder, you can watch any live match ranging from EPL, La Liga, Champions League, Serie A, and other football matches after paying the subscription fee. Most Nigerians have been paying a very high subscription fee on dstv just to watch these matches and now they can watch them almost for free.

  • It has Video Calling Feature

Another reason why you should buy a Tstv decoder is the ability to make a video call. With the fast 4.5G/3G Network speed and free 20GB. making a video call to your friends and family will be so amazing and interesting

  • Tstv Decoder is a Pay as You Watch Cable Tv

Tstv is a pay-as-you-watch tv in case you are unaware. Do you know what that means? It means you have the ability to pause the subscription. For instance, if you’re leaving home for fews days, you can pause the subscription till when you are back, then you can continue using it.


Tstv Decoder in Nigeria: Disadvantages of Buying a Tstv Decoder

  • Numbers of Channel

When Tstv decoder was launched, the part of the announcement made is that users will have access to over 200 channels but I believe that announcement was made to promote the new indigenous Cable Tv. We further heard that tstv channels will be 70 in number. But one thing I’m sure of is that tstv channels might be less than 70. This is a new cable tv, don’t expect it to be perfect. More channels might be added as time goes on

  • Tstv Decoder Network Varies

Another cons of tstv decoder is that not all decoder will support 4.5G network speed. The decoder is of two type, one is bigger while the other is flat. At this junction, it’s left to you to decide on which one to go for – that of 4.5G or the one that supports 3G network only. Remember, there will be a difference in tstv decoder price because of this.

  • Limitation on Subscription Break

Like I said earlier, the pay-as-you-watch feature is an advantage but the downside of it is that it is limited to a particular period of time depending on your subscription plan. For a monthly subscription, you have the freedom to pause it for just 7 days (a week) in a month. That means you can use it for a month and a week before your subscription will finally expire and you can subscribe again.

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