Samsung is reportedly unable to recreate the exploding Note 7 issue.
Samsung has not been capable of getting any of its Note 7 smartphone to seize fire and explode, notwithstanding hundreds of people are working on the difficulty.

Samsung halt the sales of Samsung Note 7. Owners should go for a refund
Samsung halt the sales of Samsung Note 7. Owners should go for a refund

A source operating on the undertaking informed the New York Times that Samsung “advised hundreds of personnel to quickly diagnose the issue,” when they first heard about the problems, however, had been unable to replicate the smoking and exploding devices seen inside the wild.

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The initial diagnosis changed into a defective battery, so replacements had been made and shipped to clients, however, these phones had the same issue, forcing Samsung to halt all sales of the Note 7 and keep in mind every one, telling customers to “power down.”

Samsung are still unable to recreate the issue according to the Times’ report, which probably means we won’t see the Note 7 for some time, if ever.

This information caps off a certainly bad week for Samsung . Reports that they had stopped manufacturing the Note 7 came out earlier than they had been ready to announce the new recall. When that announcement did come they said no more Note 7 devices would be sold anywhere in the world, and that all owners should go and get a refund. To cap it all off, Oculus removed support for the Note 7 on its Gear VR platform.


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