After the successful launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone, Samsung has been preparing for the launch of the Galaxy Note 8 ever since. We have heard a lot of about the possible launch date of Galaxy S8, however, the report which we have, claims that the Note 8 which will come in phablet size will be unveiled next month which is August. In fact, to be specific, the launching date has been reported to be August 23. Now, this is quite an early date than it was previously expected and there is a reason for the same as well.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Smartphone will be unveiled by August. See what to expect
Galaxy Note 8

According to the source, the Galaxy S8 sales figures have gone soft over the past couple of months. It is expected that this could be possibly due to the saturation of the market. There are tons and tons of premium smartphones launching every single day, and in fact, most of them have managed to do a great job in giving a tough competition to the Galaxy S8. In fact, there are certain reports which claim that the sales of Galaxy S7 were comparatively higher than the Galaxy S8 at this point last year.

Also, do make a note that Apple is also expected to launch the new iPhones this year and that is also expected to happen or around the month of September. The source claims that Samsung is planning on an early launch for the Galaxy Note 8 mainly to get the upper hand on the new iPhones. And the fact that the new iPhone 8 or the iPhone special edition is also set to launch this year as a bonus device, Samsung could definitely use from the edge over the Cupertino rival.

As far as the specs of the Galaxy Note 8 is concerned, it is expected that it will also sport an infinity display just like the Galaxy S8 smartphones. And since this is a Note phablet, it will also have an S Pen which is expected to have some added new features. As far as the other features are concerned, all of them are expected to be pretty much the same as the Iris scanner on the front, and the home button is also expected to under the display. Having said that, we would like to know your thoughts on this. Would you be interested in buying the Galaxy Note 8 smartphone? Be sure to let us know your thoughts on this by leaving a comment down below.


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