A new cloud storage service called Samsung Cloud has been launched on stage today prior to the event held few hours ago for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7. But this new Samsung Cloud is not looking to rival Dropbox or Google Drive because the service is actually more of an extension of the Smart Switch feature which makes it easy for users to transfer data to and from their Samsung devices

Samsung Cloud launched, Galaxy Note 7 owners get 15GB free storage

Samsung Cloud will aid users by regularly backing up the device’s data including but not limited to apps, settings, files and layouts regularly to the cloud. This means that Smart Switch will have a recent copy of the Galaxy Note 7 should users ever require one. Samsung is giving all Galaxy Note 7 owners 15GB of free Samsung Cloud storage, it hasn’t said if there will be paid options but it’s likely that they will be introduced at a later date. It’s unclear at this point in time whether Samsung will enable users to access Samsung Cloud’s 15GB free storage for general usage or whether the storage will exclusively be limited to automatic device backups.


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