I will be explaining to you some facts and important things you need to know about Physical/Capacitive home buttons and On-Screen home buttonson our smartphone devices. The respective Pros and Cons of these two features will also be touched, and at the end, we’ll be able to conclude the one which is better. For those of you who don’t know what physical and on-screen home buttons is, the image below will help you out.

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Physical Home Buttons vs On-Screen Home Buttons It has been physical home buttons from the onset. So many great smartphones have been launched with physical home button by their manufacturers and we the users have been rocking these devices without no complaint. Few years later, some smartphones are now designed to have an on-screen buttons neglecting the physical/capacitive home buttons we use to know and used to. I strongly believe this new development was from the great system analyst whose job is to analyse the existing device and check for errors or any means of improving its usability. I really commend them for this amazing feature owning to the fact that many smartphone lovers fell in love with this new feature. But we still have manufacturers like Samsung and even HTC that continue to put hardware keys in their devices even though Google has been clear that Android is all about on-screen buttons. Meanwhile, the likes of LG, Sony and Motorola have mostly sided with Google as all their newly launched smartphonescomes with on-screen home button. Even Blackberry Priv that uses keyboard has upgraded to on-screen home button. Some prefer on-screen button and despise the physical button, another prefer the physical button and despise the on-screen button while some are on the fence as they’re neither worried nor bothered about the position of the home button on a smartphone.

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Pros and Cons of Physical Home buttons


  • Physical button takes no part of your screen.Therefore give you the full view of your screen
  • It allow easy access to some features like Camera especially if the camera is dedicated.
  • It is an advantage to those with large thumb


  • They take more effort to utilize, especially if they are actual mechanical keys you have to push
  • Durability is not guaranteed as they can break any time if mis-handled
  • They can’t be changed, moved or updated.

Pros and Cons of On-screen Home buttons


  • They can be customize to the user taste
  • They require no effort in pressing them
  • They help to beautify the look of your smartphone device especially the screen


  • Even though they hide when you’re viewing photos, videos, or playing games they still take a precious space on your screen
  • Users with large thumb might find it a bit difficult in using the On-screen button
  • Not really sure of this, but i think their may be problem in using the on-screen button if the phone starts to get cracks on the screen

Which do you prefer?

Physical/Capacitive or On-Screen home buttons. Let us know using the comment box.


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