The New Android version, “Android N” Denotes Android Nougat. Google has finally tag the initially announced Android N (the latest version of Android) as Android Nougat on Snapchat. The announcement came after the company said at I/O last month that users could submit suggestions for the name online.


Physical Home Buttons vs On-Screen Home Buttons

It’s obvious that the naming of android versions is done alphabetically from:

  1. J = Jellybean
  2. K = Kit kat
  3. L = Lollipop
  4. M = Marshmallow
  5. N = Nougat
  6. O = ? …Interesting.

Key Features of Android 7.0 Nougat

This new version of Android brings new features like:

  • An improved notification shade and split screen multitasking to the mobile OS.
  • It also improve in features like Doze that came with Marshmallow last year
  • And it also has the Google’s new VR platform, Daydream.

Cons of Android Nougat

  • Not every device using Android Nougat will have Daydream, Google’s new VR Platform work on them as it only support Daydream-ready handsets running the OS.

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