In the quest to use smartphone with good physical specifications like camera with dual flash, bigger screen size, nice body design, led notification, etc, many has
end up with smartphones from new or not so popular mobile company without considering the problem(s) they might encounter on the long run. Am not saying all these
phones from new mobile companies are bad or you shouldn’t go for phones from unpopular brands but want am trying to make you understand is that these phones are
not always durable and you shouldn’t expect a quality smartphone from a new mobile company with no or little experience in the industry.
I will be sharing some of the problems of these phones from my little experience.

Disadvantages of buying Smartphones from new or unpopular mobile brand
Unpopular Smartphones

Disadvantages of Smartphones from unpopular or new Brands

  • Testing Mode

    All these newly launched mobile phone companies are to early to give you a standard device like the ones that existing before then. Rome was not built in a day
    and a journey of 5000 miles always start with a step. So, these companies will definitely start from somewhere just like their predecessors by producing a low
    quality phone with some enticing specs to attract customer. That’s why their smartphone device are always cheap and affordable.

  • Scarcity or unavailability of phone parts

    Another shortcoming of using these type of phones is the frustration and depression you will get when you discover that you can get a part replacement for your
    faulty phone. Am saying this from what I experienced some weeks ago when my Alcatel one touch develop a mouth-piece problem and the only solution is to get
    another mouth-pieces because the one inside the phone has been damaged by a careless repairer. But to my greatest surprise, we are unable to get another mouth-pieces
    that will work for my phone. No Alcatel office in my area. The only option left for me then was to pick calls with ear pieces.

  • Poor Battery Capacity

    Don’t be deceive by what you see (battery capacity), majority of them don’t last long and their rate of charging is always slow. But we do have some of them that
    come with good lasting battery especially the ones whose battery are non-removable.

  • Annoying in-built Applications

    The most annoying part is when you want to delete them and you find out you can’t or if you delete them, there is a probability that your smartphone will start
    malfunctioning. If you see apps with languages you don’t understand, then you should the phone is designed for countries speaking that particular language only.

  • Softwares are not available online

    If you are a tech enthusiast who love to do wonders with any smartphone you lay your hands on like modifying, customizing, upgrading the ROM, etc, I will advice
    you not to try it with these types of smartphone because you might regret it. Even their custom ROM is not available online.

  • Poor Camera

    Talking about their rear cameras, they are fair and okay. Why won’t they be okay when this is one of the physical features that will entice people to buy thier
    device. But, believe you me, their front camera will discourage you. A phone with good rear camera but poor frontal camera is a no go for me.

  • Poor Multi-tasking

    Another cons is poor multi-tasking. Even with a good processor type and size and RAM above 1GB, try opening just few Application and your phone will start
    lagging because the RAM space left to run the apps with very low as the unnecessary in-built apps have taken all the space.

  • No Nearby Office

    Do you know the kind of rest of mind you will get and how relaxed you will be when your faulty smartphone is being repaired by repairers working for the mobile
    company whose product you are using. Customer care will be there to attend to you and changing of battery, charger and other things will be easier for you.

The only advantage of these phones is their cost. They are cheap and affordable.

If you still want to go for these kind of devices, the be ready to face the consequences after some weeks or months of usage.


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