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Prosandconsblog: About our Reviews

Our product reviews which is mainly about pros and the cons are based on our opinion and do not contain an element of prejudice. Our review products include smartphones, mobile accessories, PC peripherals, Tablets, Speaker, Phablets, Games, Apps and other related electronic gadgets.

We take reviews of products seriously because our audience time and money are important to us when it comes to deciding which product to purchase and the best store to buy it.

Our reviews are based on reporting of facts that can contain some level of factual inaccuracy. In such case, we will make fundamental changes and identify at the bottom of such review about the new update. Not only do we pursue our media business with integrity, but excellence also backs it.

Review articles on prosandconsblog are not written as a promotional content. If you want a promotional content, you can easily contact us but such content will have a tag showing it is a promoted/sponsored post.

Products presented to us as a review copy will automatically become the property of Prosandconsblog after the review article
has been published and under no circumstances should the brand request for it to be sent back.

Disclaimer: Just as we said earlier, our reviews are based on facts and opinion of the reviewer. We do not add or subtract. We
strive for the highest level of integrity in the tech blogging community.

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We at Prosandconsblog are always eager to review latest products from old or new companies to help you bring your product to help you bring your product to our audience.
Interested clients should forward an email to prosandconsblog@gmail.com orĀ ogilikingsley96@gmail.com. Alternatively, you can use our contact page directly and we would respond to all your queries within 24hours with full details.

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